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My huge world > ~ tests  12 ноября 2011 г. 00:10:09

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~ tests

Eliza. 12 ноября 2011 г. 00:10:09

Подкаст 1 ( 04:54 / 3.3Mb )

Категории: Test
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Игра 3 22 июня 2011 г. Миссис Пропер
Eliza. 12 ноября 2011 г. 00:11:41 постоянная ссылка ]
Тест: Who you from vocaloids?
Luka Megurine

At Luka the big and beautiful blue eyes.The long pink hair.She basically wears a long skirt with the big cut and a vest in Japanese style. That is without sleeves and with a throat. Standing at it stockings and high boots on a hairpin. From ornaments a double thin corbel, the big ear-phones, on one hand a sleeve, on anotherhigh bracelet.
With strangers, behaves frostily with modest. With friends affords will relax and only they can see the present smile on her face.
сэйю Ю Асакава­/6/11/1106/73/2873/_­_Just_be_friends.mp3­
Pass the test:­ts/0-27.html
Eliza. 12 ноября 2011 г. 00:15:01 постоянная ссылка ]
Тест: Whatever the fairy lives in you,and you can an angel?
The fairy of fire­/6/11/1106/72/2872/O­okamisan_to_Shichini­n_no_Nakamatachi_OTo­Gi8__undefined.mp3
Pass the test:­ts/0-20.html
Eliza. 12 ноября 2011 г. 00:16:01 постоянная ссылка ]
Тест: What you in relations?
The exacting

You need tenderness and weight of the romantic moments in relations.
And if you receive them you especially doesn't touch that you not видетесь every day.
But thus you desperately wouldn't like to appear disappointed if it suddenly ceases to carry out any your momentary desires.
Therefore speak to it that you want is more often, and surprise with romantic gifts.
At you it perfectly turns out!­/6/11/1106/71/2871/K­OTOKO_____undefined.­mp3


My huge world > ~ tests  12 ноября 2011 г. 00:10:09

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